As part of the UOB strategic goals to raise the quality of teaching and learning, the university had formulated an initiative to achieve accreditation for 70% of its programs. The following shows an overall picture of the Colleges that had been accredited/reviewed by Accreditation agencies, or reviewing bodies.

The CollegeAccreditation Agencies/ Reviewing BodiesStatus
College of EngineeringABET, NAAB, CIDAAccredited
College of Information TechnologyABET, QQAAccredited
College of Business AdministrationAACSB, QQAAccredited
College of ScienceCanadian Society (Chemistry)Accredited
College of LawQQA, ABAReviewed
Bahrain Teachers CollegeNIEReviewed
College of Health SciencesQQA, WHOReviewed
College of Applied Studies _ _
College of Arts _ _
Physical Education and Physiotherapy _ _