1. Provide leadership in articulating a University’s Quality Assurance framework, policies, mechanisms and processes to support University’s mission of achieving “excellence in teaching and learning”
  2. Propose strategies, policies, systems, procedures and practices for the university’s academic quality assurance and enhancement in accordance with the university vision and strategic planning.
  3. Develop and implement quality enhancement, assurance and accreditation mechanisms across the university, with the aim of achieving parity with international standards of quality in higher learning.
  4. Promote the culture of academic quality and self assessment and improvement within the university by offer customized consultations and training workshops
  5. Monitor, review, audit, evaluate and continuously develop the university’s quality assurance and enhancement strategies, frameworks and procedures at all levels of the university.
  6. Provide administrative and substantive support for quality assurance and enhancement at all levels of the university, and support the institutional and program accreditation processes and contents for national and international organizations and agencies.
  7. Work with faculty, staff and the University-level assessment committees to systematize assessment and related reporting to fulfill University expectations and accreditation requirements
  8. Audit/Review Programs to ensure the achievement of Program Educational Objectives and the University Intended Learning Outcomes.
  9. Advance the teaching and learning system through developing initiatives with the  university-wide executive committees.
  10. Foster an exciting intellectual environment by providing opportunities for more dialogue and engagement within the university upper administration with respect to academic quality.
  11. Lead the development and implementation of a University-wide educational assessment plan to ensure effective assessment at the course, program, and institutional levels
  12. Review institution and program review reports and other material prepared by QQA and other international Accreditation Agencies.
  13. Contribute to national and international conferences and meetings on quality improvement and enhancement within the Bahrain Higher Education System.
  14. Research, draft and organize accreditation requirements for the University as per local and international requirements of accreditation.
  15. Liaison with external quality agencies, and development of links with personnel undertaking similar roles on a national and international level