The Quality Assurance and Accreditation CenterĀ  is committed to promoting faculty, staff, and students understanding of and engagement in the assessment Process. University is focusing on integrating assessment throughout the campus by continuously examining its effectiveness and making changes to improve.

Therefore, the Quality Assurance Office QAO exists in all colleges to monitor and maintain the quality of programs in each college. And to ensure that all programs are abiding to their duties such as conducting alumni QF-7-rev.a.1 and employer QF-9-rev.a.1 surveys, according to (QP-15-rev.a.1), assessing PEO’s, PILO’s and CILO’s QF-33-rev.a.2, PIs formulation, developing improvement plans QF-11-rev.a.1, managing course portfolios according to the auditing procedure and process map (QP-7-rev.a.1/ PM-1-rev.a.1) , etc. QAOs also, provide required training in coordination with the QAAC.