Assessment Information Management System AIMS is an enterprise online system that serves Quality Assurance processes in multiple layers starting with University Intended Learning Outcomes UILO’s and ending at the Course Intended Learning Outcomes CILO’s. AIMS facilitates monitoring and tracking the updates on the level of college, department, academic programs and even that program versions which is an edition of an academic program applied to students of a program from certain years. Usually a new version is added when program curriculum is changed. Moreover, AIMS aids faculty in examining a program and program version assessment (e.g. stockholder surveys) results over the years. The system is responsible for all information needed for assessing the programs, as well as results of surveys and direct assessment.

The system has two interfaces:

Public Interface
The public interface (also called Guest View) allows visitors who access the website at to select Active academic programs that are Published by UoB colleges and then to view these programs. When a visitor selects a program, he/she has the opportunity to obtain any needed information regarding a single program, starting from University’s Mission to the courses contained in this program along with their syllabus. More significantly, the published data also includes the relevant objectives and learning outcomes that are of importance to the constituencies and stakeholders of the academic programs.

Internal Interface
The second interface is the internal one, and it is mainly used by QAAC and Quality Assurance Office QAO, and the Academic Department. This interface or view requires an authorized USERNAME and PASSWORD to use the different AIMS functions.
AIMS uses a concept of Roles (defines the set of tasks a user is allowed to perform); designed to give the system administrator the ability to control and assign what users can and cannot do.

AIMS has four pre-defined Roles: ADMINISTRATOR, DEAN, QAO and DEPARTMENT. Nevertheless, any new role and role’s privileges can be created and managed dynamically. Every user has a list of departments (listed under User Departments) where he/she can perform his/her role.

When an AIMS user logs in, the first page he/she will see is the account dashboard, and it’s appearance will be different according to the user’s role. AIMS dashboards are meant to be used as a monitoring tool, and were designed to keep users on top of the vast amounts of information. Beside it can be used as a shortcut to gain access to specific information which increases information accessibility for authorized users.