Physical Edu. & Physiotherapy- ADMINISTRATION

Quality Assurance and Accreditation Office tasks

In collaboration with the department quality coordinators the college office performing the following functions:

1. Monitor and control the operations of the quality and accreditation of the college and its academic programs.
2. Coordination and support for the university quality assurance and accreditation center in order to implement its mission and vision.
3. Extend the quality culture in the college using effective communication strategies.
4. Manage self-evaluation processes for the college and its academic programs.
5. Development the quality review procedures for the college and its academic programs.
6. Coordinate communication between the quality and academic accreditation institutions and program coordinators.
7. Monitor the needs of the academic departments regarding the application procedures for accreditation and quality.
8. Follow-up and guidance to academic departments in the preparation and implementation of development plans and evaluation of academic programs in order to achieve quality standards.
9. Preparation and organization of the external evaluation processes and considerations concerning the reports of accreditation institutions.
10. The management and coordination of applying the employer and alumni survey, and reporting the analysis results.
11. Follow-up operations and facilitate improved performance, according to the reports of the quality and accreditation institutions.