The Quality Assurance Office at the College of Law has been established to be a permanent quality assurance unit of the collage and be a reliable source on a university level.  The Quality Assurance Office aims like such offices like itself to check the assessing standers to measure the education process in the college through gathered data. The data was later handed to the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Center to be analyzed and classified. The office also takes the responsibility of matters concerning quality and following up on course files and implementation of the program indicators.

The office is being run by a faculty member and assess by a secretary and a legal research.

Quality Assurance Office Staff:

Dr. Noora Mohammed AlShamlan
Head of Quality Assurance Office
Tel: (973) 1743-8711
Ms. Fatima Ebrahim Hussain
Tel: (973) 1743-8712
Ms. Latifa Ali AlDalhan
Legal Researcher,
Tel: (973) 1743-7367