College of Science– ADMINISTRATION

The College of Science consists of four Academic departments: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. All of the departments offer programs leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. The Mathematics and Physics departments offer a Master degree in Mathematics and Physics respectively. Moreover, the Deanship of the College offers a Master in Environment and Sustainable Development (ESD).

The Quality Assuarnce Office at the Collge cooperates and coordinate with the QAAC to ensure the quality of learning and teaching of all college’s programs. Each department has a Departmental Quality Assurance and Accreditation Committee (QAA) which is responsible for the quality assurance in the department. The head of this QAA committee is a memebr of the College Quality and Accreditation Committee. The Director of QA office is the head of this committee.

The College of Sciences is keenly seeking academic accreditation for its programs. The first Programs to achieve 5-years full accreditation until 2015 is the Chemistry Programs offeres by the Chemistry Department from the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC).

Quality Assurance Office Staff:

Dr. Thuraya Jumma
Head of Quality Assurance Office
Tel: (973) 1743-7040
Fax: (973) 17449193
Ms. Khawthar Mohammed Ali
Tel: (973) 1743-7041