The Quality Assurance Office (QAO) at the College of Information Technology was created in 2010.  The mission of the office is to coordinate programs assessment efforts for continuous improvement, accreditation and review processes; and conduct activities and training that spread the quality assurance culture and processes within the College of Information Technology.

QAO supports the departments within the college to achieve high academic quality.  The director of the QAO is a member of the Quality Assurance Committee at the University level and responsible for disseminating all QAAC requirements to the departments.

Each department has a Departmental Accreditation Committee (DAC) which is mainly responsible for the quality assurance in the department.

The college has a College Accreditation Committee (CAC) chaired by the Director of the Quality Assurance Office to assure the quality of the programs at the college level.

The assessment strategy for our programs is outcome-based assessment. It has been implemented by three related and connected outcome-based assessment cycles which are: Assessment of Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) Cycle, Assessment of Program Intended Learning Outcomes (PILOs) and Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOs) cycle.

In order to measure the students’ achievement level of CILOs to continuously improve teaching and learning activities, faculty members prepare CILO-PILO assessment reports.

In addition, a course portfolio is prepared for each course to document the plan, process, outcomes, assessment methods, sample of students’ assessments, and any new effective teaching methods of the course.

Moreover, the college established a procedure to evaluate and audit the course portfolios at the department and college levels.

Workshops and Training


  1. Workshop on “Train how to conduct moderation” by Dr. Athraa & Dr. Faisal on 05, Dec. 2019.
  2. Workshop on “Train how to prepare course portfolios” by Dr. Athraa on 15, May 2019.
  3. Workshop on “Train how to prepare the SER” by Dr. Athraa on 10, Aug. 2018.
  4. Workshop on “Train how to establish performance indicators rubrics” by Dr. Lamya on 20, March, 2019.
  5. Workshop on “Train on new ABET requirements” by Dr. Athraa on 23, Dec. 2018.
  6. Workshop on “Train on NQF requirements & scorecards“ by Dr. Athraa on 27, Feb. 2019.
  7. Workshop on “Train on internal quality assurance review requirements” by Dr. Athraa on 27, March, 2019.
  8. Workshop on “Train on university rules and polices for new and part-time faculty” on 13, March, 2019
  9. Workshop on “Train on preparing PILOs assessment report” Dr. Amal on 25, Feb. 2019.


  1. Workshop on “Courses and Qualification mappings to NQF level descriptors” By Dr. Lamya Aljasmi on 1, April, 2013.
  2. Workshop on “Constructive Alignment” By Dr. Bassam AlHamad on 23, October, 2013.
  3. Workshop on “Course Preparation & Audit Procedure” By Dr. Lamya Aljasmi on 12, March, 2014.
  4. Workshop on “Advising Essentials, Q&A” By Dr. Lamya Aljasmi & Dr. Riyad AlHakeem.
  5. Workshop on “Developing CILOs-PILOs Assessment Report” By Dr. Lamya Aljasmi & Dr. Amal Ghanim.