• The working on the current self-assessment report started on January 22, 2013 under the supervision of Dr. Ali Al Mesrati the Director of the Quality Assurance Office of the Faculty of Law. Dr. Al Mesrati initiated contacting a number of entities that are necessary to cooperate with to prepare the report, and he have prepared the first draft of the self-assessment report.On September 30, 2013, Dr. Al Mesrati was appointed the director of the Legal Clinic for Human Rights and Dr. Noora Al Shamlan was appointed as the Director of the Office of Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation. Between September 30th until the end of the December 2013, the Quality Assurance Office stopped working on the annual self-report and began working on the report that have been submitted to the American Bar Association and preparing for the ABA’s visit. The QA office resumed working again on the annual self-report on February 2014 by activating working in the QA committees by attempting to measure the satisfaction of the parties to the community for the services offered by the Faculty of Law for the purpose of developing the academic programs.  It is expected that the final self-assessment report will be delivered on the end of May 2014.

  • At the beginning of the establishment of the Faculty of Law, University of Bahrain has agreed with the University of Panthéon (Pantheon-Assas Paris 2) to provide a study for the Faculty of Law that proposed the courses to be taught in the Faculty. This has been prepared by Professors Dominique and Jean- Christophe.Moreover, the American Bar Association have visited the Faculty of Law on December 9, 2013 until December 12, 2013 to assess the faculty by giving comments and recommendations to improve it. The visit involved interviewing with the leaders of the University of Bahrain, law professors in various disciplines, law students, Bahraini judges and lawyers. Currently the Law Faculty is in the process of waiting for the results of the American Bar Association.