Programs-within-College Reviews are a specialized exercise, which focuses on the academic standards of each program and its delivery and the quality assurance arrangements within all learning programs at Bachelor and Master levels within a College in a particular major disciplinary area. The reviews are carried out using four indicators. The written Self Evaluation Report SER includes the following sections:

  • BACKGROUND & STATISTICAL INFORMATION: Administrative information, Statistical information, Program Aims and Intended Learning Outcomes, Academic and Administrative Staff
  • THE LEARNING PROGRAM: academic planning framework , academic progression year-on-year or course-by-course suitable workloads for students, syllabus (i.e. curricular content, level, and outcomes) , PILO s & CILO s & TLA s, Mapping, Assessment Policy, Suitable Assessment Arrangements and Alignment, in specific Formative Assessment (feedback)
  • EFFICIENCY OF THE PROGRAMME: Admission, Transfer, Graduation, Study, Examination Policies, Efficiency of Faculty, Students, Resources (Hard, Soft), Advising (all, At-risk, SN), Efficiency of Mgt & IT Mgt, Tracking System, Security of Learners
  • ACADEMIC STANDARDS OF THE GRADUATES: Graduate Attributes PEO s, PILO s, Benchmarks, Assessment Policies and Procedures, Alignment of  TLAAs, Moderation of Assessment, Level of Achievement of PILO s, CILO s, WBL-Training, Thesis, Retention & Graduation Rate, Employer’s word on graduates, Advisory Board
  • EFFECTIVENESS OF QUALITY MANAGEMENT & ASSURANCE: Policies, Procedures, QMS, Leadership, Structure, Continual Improvement Cycle
  • CONCLUSIONS: Improvement Actions, Action Plan

The University of Bahrain underwent program reviews as shown in the following table:

The CollegeThe Reviewers
College of EngineeringABET, NAAB, CIDA
College of Information TechnologyQQA, ABET
College of Business AdministrationQQA(MBA), AACSB
College of ScienceCanadian Society (Chemistry)
College of LawQQA, ABA
Bahrain Teachers CollegeNIE
College of Health SciencesWHO, QQA
College of Applied Studies
College of Arts
Physical Education and Physiotherapy