The center is primarily responsible for three important areas:

The center acts as a liaison with national agencies to ensure compliance of the academic programs and the university as whole with the requirements and criteria set by the QQA, and other national agencies. This includes:

  • Coordination with the colleges and program to ensure compliance with the requirements for program reviews by the QQA
  • Preparing for the institutional review for the whole university.
  • Feedback, consultations and reports for the administration and the programs regarding the areas of improvement required by such agencies.
  • Other compliance functions towards national criteria within the quality assurance field.

Additionally, the center will keep abreast of international areas of emphasis in assessment/review and maintain a working e-library of publications on assessment and assessment related topics. The e-library will be available as a resource for use by all members of the campus community. Efforts in the area of assessment include:

  • Developing a University-wide Assessment Plan by working closely with college/units, program, faculty and administrators.
  • To seek the best practices and methods of assessment
  • Dissemination of information about student learning outcomes to facilitate their development in every course offered at UOB.
  • Working alongside departments, colleges and units to develop assessment plans as evidence of continuous improvement for accreditation.
  • Plan, implement, and follow up on program and institutional reviews carried out by the QQA.
  • Facilitate the storage and retrieval of the needed surveys, data, and statistics needed for the assessment process.

The QAAC is charged with initiating institutional effectiveness programs in preparation for accreditation or reaffirmation process. Specific actions and strategies to fulfill this goal include:

  • Supporting the Program Review process by providing data, explaining format, and facilitating communication between the Program accreditation Committee and programs under review.
  • Creating checklists and timetables of activities leading up to the self-study process.
  • Coordinate review and accreditation efforts with college Quality Assurance Offices.
  • Store and organize and information, documents, and evidence needed by the accreditation agencies.