QAAC conducting online surveys that are dynamically created throughout AIMS, since these surveys are university wide surveys, AIMS supports a standardized set of questions with the ability to add a program’s custom questions where only program’s responders can answer them. These  surveys are follows:

Senior Exit Survey (SES) is implemented with the aid of an integrated interface with the Registration Department’s online system.
The survey conducted every semester for students who will be graduated by end of each semester. Students must answer the survey in order to release there certificates. Consequently, the Registration Department  release the certificate.

Steps to answer the online Senior Exit Survey (FOR STUDENTS USE):

1. The survey’s website is http://qaac-aims.uob.edu.bh/aims/survey_se_login.php
2. Students should use there own network username and password to log-in to the survey.
3. Student MUST answer all the questions till the end, and then save it.

Note: this survey needs approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Steps to check the completion of the Senior Exit Survey (FOR REGISTRATION DEPARTMENT USE):

1. Use your net browser to access http://qaac-aims.uob.edu.bh/aims/login.php
2. Use the user name and password generated by the QAAC
3. Choose search responder option from the surveys menu
4. Enter the student ID

Note: if you are having difficulty, or need additional help, please call us on 1743 8912- 17438088

Faculty Survey which is conducted with cooperation with HR online System.

Alumni Survey  implementation of this survey done through the alumni site, where alumni should registered them selves to do so. Also, implemented by sending alumni a custom email with all information to do the survey and is usually administered by the departments or program owners.

Employer Survey uses the same method as the Alumni Survey.