Bahrain Teacher’s College- COMMITTEES

BTC Quality Assurance & Accreditation Committee

The committee shall routinely meet twice each semester or by the call of the Chair. The role of the QQA is to oversee all quality-related issues for all courses on the programs: it will consider the review reports from the QA office from the previous semester; it will consider any relevant matters arising from the minutes of the other committees at the BTC; it will monitor the progress the college is making towards gaining external accreditation; it will have an open brief to consider all matters relating to quality enhancement.

The committee exists to ensure, from the perspective of the BTC Academic Board and the University QAAC, that:

  1. The programs and courses are operating in accordance with published aims and objectives and to the highest quality.
  2. The programs are relevant and appropriate to the needs of both candidate and serving teachers and to the needs of school leaders and the requirements of the Ministry of Education.
  3. There is a continuous endeavor for quality enhancement through the effective dissemination of internally and externally derived information and data which identifies best practice.
  4. Proposed modifications to courses and  programs are considered and approved as being accordance with  QAAC requirements prior to final approval by the BTC Academic Board.
  5. New courses, which are devised from time to time, or in response to Ministry of Education requirements, are analyzed and approved as fulfilling the QAAC requirements prior to final approval by the BTC Academic Board.
  6. Evidence to support all relevant performance indicators is systematically gathered and updated and is available for inspection by any  University quality committee and by external quality assurance agencies, such as the Higher Education Review Unit (HERU) of the National Authority for Qualifications and Quality Assurance in Education and Training (QQA)
  7. Program self-evaluation reports are completed according to the stipulated timetable and evidence indicators; and that any action plan arising from the self-evaluation procedures is implemented and monitored accordingly.
  8. Quality assurance reports are provided BTC Academic Board for the program(s) at least once every semester.
  9. Quality assurance of all facilities including offices, classrooms, labs and corridors of the college through a monthly inspection.
  10. Any other arising issues related to all provisions of quality assurance and strategic planning of BTC.