Provide tools and dashboards that display information in easy-to-understand visual representations to help users be on top of their program’s progress. These tools transform raw data into usable charts and graphs. “Survey Result Summary” and “Maturity Char t” are just example for these tools.

–  Manage academic program specifications and program versions, including the:

  • Program’s Educational Objectives (PEOs).
  • Program Intended Learning Outcomes (PILOs) and it’s mapping with UILOs, PEOs and Domain.
  • Program QA Committees’ (i.e. PAC, SAC, DAC) members, meetings.
  • Program societies’ events and event gallery.
  • Program stakeholder (or constituency) representatives.
  • Program curriculum, including course specification, outcomes and assessment.

–   Manage the faculty’s online profile and CV for different programs.

Conduct Surveys
Conduct online surveys that are dynamically created, since these surveys are university-wide surveys, AIMS support a standardized set of questions with the ability to add a program’s custom questions where only program’s responders can answer them. These surveys including:

  • The Senior Exit Survey which is implemented with the aid of an integrated interface with the Registration Department’s online system.
  • The Faculty Survey which is conducted with cooperation with HR online System.
  • The Alumni Survey that is implemented by sending alumni a custom email with all information to do the survey and is usually administered by the departments or program owners.
  • The Employer Survey uses the same method as the Alumni Survey.