University Goals and Initiatives

Goal1: Raising the quality of teaching and learning

Initiatives related to Quality Assurance and Accreditation Center:

Initiative No. -3- Integrate outcome-based assessment into curriculum
Initiative No. -4- Improve system quality monitoring for further improvement
Initiative No. -9- Obtain national and international accreditation


  • Develop and implement quality enhancement, assurance and accreditation mechanisms across the university, with the aim of achieving parity with international standards of quality in higher learning.
  • Promote the culture of academic quality and self-assessment and improvement within the university by offer customized consultations and training workshops
  • Monitor, review, audit, evaluate and continuously develop the university’s quality together with its quality assurance and enhancement strategies, frameworks and procedures at all levels of the university.
  • Provide administrative and substantive support for quality assurance and enhancement at all levels of the university, and support the institutional and program accreditation processes and contents for national and international organizations and agencies.
  • Continuously advise the Quality Assurance College Directors and DAC committees on academic quality plans, requirements, and issues related to Quality Assurance in all university programs.
  • Work with faculty, staff and the University-level assessment committees to systematize assessment and related reporting to fulfill University expectations and accreditation requirements
  • Foster an exciting intellectual environment by providing opportunities for more dialogue and engagement within the university upper administration with respect to academic quality.
  •  Work in hand with the President Advisor to provide advice to the President and others within the university council on the Academic Quality issues.
  • Manage a broad range of academic quality issues within the executive office of the President.
  • Continuously evaluate and report to the president on the scale, quality, and the effectiveness of the Quality Assurance implementation on teaching and learning.
  • Work with the president to craft a more coordinated and systematic approach to effectively implementing university strategic plan initiatives.
  • Serve on university-wide executive committees concerned with the advancement of teaching and learning and propose and develop initiatives in support of these efforts.

Goal4: Aligning governance and administration with international best practice

Initiatives related to Quality Assurance and Accreditation Center:

Initiative No. -19- Include administrative and support units in quality assurance and assessment  routines


  • Work closely with the University President Advisor for Academic Quality to ensure the continuous development and implementation of Academic Quality Indicatives, and foster the quality culture of the entire University community.
  • Follow-up in line with the Excellence Teams and the Bahrain Center of Excellence to achieve competitiveness levels at a project and institutional level, in order to achieve the national indicators.

Performance Measures

  • Percentage of internationally Accredited Programs
  • Percentage of reviewed programs by Bahrain QQA with full confidence
  • Percentage of program with good quality Self-Study reports.
  • Number of program internal audit reports
  • Number of published Academic Quality Books, refereed Journal and conference/Symposium manuscript
  • A number of national and international Academic Quality training workshop offered