BassamQuality assur­ance, assessment, and continuous improvement have become essential elements of the education process. The primary purpose of assessment is to improve the quality of educational institute by improving student learning. In addition, various quality assurance and accrediting bodies mandate conducting student learning outcomes assessment. Nationally, assessment of student learning for the purpose of continuous quality improvement is a requirement for the National Authority for Qualifications & Quality Assurance of Education& Training QQA accreditation.

The concept of institutional effectiveness presumes that an institution is engaged in an ongoing quest for quality and can demonstrate how well it fulfills its stated purpose. In addition, the University is expected to document quality and effectiveness by employing a comprehensive system of planning and evaluation in all major aspects of the institution. Planning and evaluation of teaching, research, public service, administration, and educational support should be thorough, broad-based, integrated and appropriate. Institutional effectiveness provides documentation of planning, assessment, and the action plan and analysis (use of the assessment results) in decision-making across the campus.

Assessment is considered at UOB as the foundation for institutional effectiveness and planned improvement. The aim is to assure that UOB and its programs meet and strive beyond minimum standards. It is intended to help the University fulfill its educational mission as well as to satisfy the needs of the relevant constituencies and stakeholders. Planning and assessment are also important elements in the process of international accreditation for all UOB academic programs. With Quality Assurance and Enhancement, QAAC would assure the quality of graduates, or which we would also call graduate/employee performance.

On behalf of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Center’s staff, we want to welcome and thank each of you for agreeing to participate in this momentous process of Quality Enhancement. We extend our best wishes for what is certain to be a rewarding and challenging experience.

Dr. Bassam AlHammad
Director, Quality Assurance and Accreditation Center